Women's Scarves That Are Not Acrylic or Polyester

Polyester label

In a world of beautiful natural fabrics, how did man-made textiles created out of molecular construction of chemicals that never break down in soil, causing irreversible damage to our environment come into existence? This variety of textiles is simply plastic and one of the main reasons it came into existence is because it was not only much cheaper to manufacture it, but it could be easily mass-produced pretty rapidly. Artificial or synthetic fibers are also considered to be tougher, and were initially used to make parachutes, tents and tyres. These days, these fibers are mainly used in mass, assembly-line factory productions. Wikipedia describes synthetic fibers as "a synthetic fiber, when magnified, looks like plastic spun together. Chemicals used to make synthetic fibers include sodium hydroxide and carbon disulphide, which are derived from coal, oil, or natural gas. Pressure forces the liquid chemicals through tiny holes called spinnerets. As the liquid comes out of the spinnerets and into the air, it cools and forms tiny threads. Manufacturers add dyes to these threads before weaving them into fabric."

Synthetic fabrics offer inferior textile experience

This fabric creation process seems no different than GMO's that produce unnatural fruits and vegetables. We don't give synthetic clothing that much importance (yet) because the fabric chemicals aren't directly ingested by us; however that time isn't far when we'll soon realize that every bit of exposure to chemicals in products we buy is causing the body to absorb harmful substances little by little. Just like our first choice in food is top-grade quality produce that keeps chemicals far away from us, we should start paying a little more attention to an industry that is rapidly producing synthetics and moving away from natural fabrics. Synthetic fabric is thermoplastic and there is nothing natural about it. This artificial fabric will react to heat, making it extremely flammable and its nonabsorbent quality caters to the manufacturing of swimsuits and other wet weather clothing industry (clothing wearables that are worn limitedly). Garments and accessories made of synthetic fibers such as acrylic or polyester cannot offer the same textile experience as natural cotton, silk, cashmere or other wool fabrics do. In fact the truth is that polyesters, acrylics, and nylons can even reverse the natural occurrence of perspiration that at times leads to bad body odors making things socially awkward.  

Brands sell 100% synthetic garments because we buy them 

Some of the most popular brands across United States with presence in top retail chains, continue to sell completely 100% acrylic and polyester clothing garments in abundance every year for about the same price and sometimes more expensive than 100% natural fabric. Well, it's no surprise this happens because the brand name sells and these brands are only trying to meet the customer demand. Most customers tend to ignore the label information on clothing items and accessories, made mandatory by the federal government to keep the retail customers informed about the fabric they're purchasing. You can be a smart, fashion conscious customer by simply flipping over the fabric to find the label information on its reverse and by looking at this label, you'll know what kind of fabric you are paying for.  

Buy clothing items and accessories that are natural 

Scarves that cling to your neck, and clothing items made of natural fabrics are skin-friendly letting your skin breathe easily. They're also non-toxic and biodegradable making them environmentally friendly. Pure cotton, cashmere, wool or silk garments are preferred by customers and it's the fabric quality and its creation process (an important aspect), that has direct correlation to its retail price. Instead of spending money on ten pieces of clothing items every season that are of low quality and harmful to the environment, customers may choose to spend their money only on six to seven pieces of clothing items which are completely natural, fun to wear and even handcrafted! There is no doubt that in the long run this type of customer preference will have huge benefits that we tend to ignore today.  
Our 100% light wool scarves are priced at $49. Each Gartika light wool scarf is made of pure natural fabric and has a unique pattern with no duplicate in our store.


February 14, 2016 by Gartika Editor
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