Gartika Proudly Supports The African Wildlife Foundation

Gartika & AWF


At Gartika, we are super stoked to support the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). AWF's goal is "to conserve viable and functional populations of Africa’s wildlife species embedded in their natural landscapes." As an organization, AWF is doing everything it can to conserve the African wildlife, protecting species that are on the verge of extinction, combating animal trafficking and poaching.

Furthermore, AWF is also working towards building more conservation awareness to support its people and communities for an overall economic development in the continent. "Just as the land across Africa is vast and varied, so are the ecological and economic challenges. While some nations contend with political tensions, others must ease the struggle for resources between people and wildlife. Despite these issues, Africa is a continent of great potential. Opportunities abound for improving the lives of Africans and wildlife. At the African Wildlife Foundation, we’re working throughout the continent to do just that and help Africans chart a course toward a sustainable future. We recognize that while every country, community, and region in Africa has different needs, they all want the same thing: an Africa that’s thriving for all. AWF works to unite villages, parks, and reserves in a vast, cohesive landscape, training local communities to work together to conserve wildlife and migration routes while protecting and advancing their own economic interests." The African Wildlife Foundation.



We plan to donate 1% of our profits every year to the foundation. We are barely three months old but as we continue to tell the Gartika story, we want to do everything right to build a sustainable, slow fashion industry. This little contribution is Gartika's small gesture towards helping all the awesome work the AWF team has been doing. This donation will go towards AWF's multiple projects such as wildlife conservation, land and habitat protection, community empowerment and economic development. 

Gartika started with one belief. To work with people who have great talent but are disconnected from the rest of the world. They are disconnected because they never had the opportunities most of us had. They never got any formal education because their cities were troubled by wars, or they lived in abject poverty. With more mouths to feed, even the young children had to work at times. At Gartika, we are giving power to those parents who never got any conventional education but have immense talent and skills that were passed down from generation to generation. This skilled community occupies a big part of India and they need to believe that their talent and skills are valued. We want to protect this community that creates fashion apparel and accessories, and other lifestyle products. We are moving away from the factory mass-productions that use harsh, Azo-dyes in their fabric-making process. We are inspired by natural raw materials and ancient techniques to create products, no matter how long it takes.


At Gartika, our goal is to offer you soothing fabrics and authentic products that are sourced responsibly from the environment. It's a proud moment for us to associate with the African Wildlife Foundation and support their goals, ideologies and vision.

Check out our slow fashion range here

March 20, 2016 by Gartika Editor
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