A true cashmere connoisseur can experience how warm and light this fabric is by owning and using it for years to come. At Gartika, our 100% pure handmade cashmere scarf fabric is between 11-14 microns (a single human hair strand is about 100 microns), making this couture quality cashmere which is highly sought after.
Gartika Cashmere Scarf Woman
Our cashmere creation involves a number of specialists and can take up to three weeks or more to create one scarf. Available in neutral shades or in various colors, the scarf can last for many years when handled with care (and affection!).
Gartika wool comes from goats that live 14,000 feet above ground. These goats roam freely, grazing on the grassy slopes of the Himalayan mountains - cared for by dedicated, local shepherds. This means we stay away from any mass factory growth of goats treated with antibiotics - which is neither environmentally sustainable, nor humane.
When ready, the goat hair is meticulously combed out without hurting the animal. We use the hair from the goat's under-belly and under-the-neck area for our handwoven cashmere range. The hair is then carefully cleaned in a weaver's private home by applying rice paste which separates the body grime and also makes it stronger for yarn making.
The dye-dipper adds beautiful colors to our chosen yarn. The intensive, but still enjoyable task of hand weaving begins at the hands of a master weaver. This process is akin to meditating, with the sound of handlooms moving in consistent motion to create the fabric.
A unique piece of fabric is finally created by our hand pattern artists who use their imagination to create designs or sometimes leave the textile plain to let the fine fabric speak for itself. The fabric goes through a master hand-test where the darning or mending of the fabric is done. It is finally washed and dried out in the open air before it flies across the world departing from India.