Gartika was born of out of love for artisanal skills passed down through the generations. We ensure that the entire process, from sourcing of raw materials to product creation, is handled by a private community of people who care about the product as much as you do. We are proud of our masterly handmade collection of scarves, kimonos, and kaftans.
Gartika Cashmere Scarf Master Weaver


We follow traditional handloom and modern weaving practices to create fabric. Gartika clothing items are 100% cashmere, silk, cotton or wool (absolutely no unappealing polyester, modal, acrylic, or synthetic fabrics ). We love the idea of using hands to create masterpieces. We take pride, even in tiny imperfections, as each piece is crafted by artisans and not machines. 


Since United States textile laws are not tightly regulated, we follow the more stringent European Union textile guidelines. We use 100% azo-free dyes which means they are nontoxic, non-carcinogenic making them eco-friendly and skin-safe.


We scout for skilled workers through our local network who do an exceptional job of finding people whose families have been passing down a particular set of skills from generation to generation. On top of everything, our community of artisans and craftsmen are provided with the opportunity to earn a livelihood. This is Gartika's tiny step towards preserving the age-old traditions that are up against a modernized marketplace drawing newer generations away from artisanal trades.

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