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Handwoven 11-15 microns cashmere makes it the finest natural fabric in the world. We pay great attention to the sourcing of our cashmere yarn that comes from 14,000 feet in the Himalayas from our own Capra Hircus cashmere goats. Our process of cashmere spinning and weaving takes almost a month and involves a number of yarn, dye and needlework specialists who do everything by hand from start to finish. We spend weeks working with fifth-generation master weavers to design and hand embroider an elegant cashmere scarf,  enjoyed by discerning clients in the United States, Europe and Asia.

The Rauma cashmere scarf captures the essence of sozni hand embroidery practiced by revered needle craftsmen from India. The scarf comes with the weaver's initials  hand embroidered in one corner. This cashmere scarf is from our heirloom collection which means you will not find another scarf matching this one exactly. Since this cashmere scarf is handwoven and hand embroidered, there might be irregularities in the scarf, and hence imperfections should not be considered a defect but celebrated as our ode to the weaver.
Oyster gray with an ice blue hand embroidered sozni border

100% pure handwoven cashmere

28" x 80" (A full size scarf)

Dry clean or hand wash gently. Lay flat to dry. 

Gray and white cotton envelope bag. This handwoven cashmere scarf is a perfect little present for someone who likes to hear the story behind a creation.